Dangers of the Rear-View Mirror

When driving, the rear-view mirror serves an essential purpose. It gives you visibility to what’s coming up behind you so you can be aware, be prepared, and take appropriate safety measures.

In life, though, sometimes we use the proverbial rear-view mirror a little too often. Some of us may look back at times in our lives when things weren’t quite so good. Maybe we grew up poor or faced some other difficulties. Maybe we felt held back, that circumstances prevented us from reaching our full potential. Things may have been unfair or unjust. Perhaps we wish things turned out differently.

While some of those feelings may be perfectly reasonable, the problem with looking back too often is that we can get stuck in a mindset of the past. Either consciously or subconsciously, our mind can become too focused on negative aspects of our lives, unable to look and move forward.

My suggestion is to review those past circumstances to see what can be learned from them, but then decide to let them go. The fact is that we can’t change anything that happened. We can’t time travel in order to alter past events and make our present day lives something else. We have to work with what life has given us and deal with the present situation as-is.

Instead of becoming stuck in the past, I recommend forming a clear picture in your mind of the life you want now. Focus on this picture and have a determination to achieve this life, and you will naturally take steps towards that goal. Have faith that you will be able to achieve the life you want. But if you spend too much timing looking in the rear-view mirror, you may inadvertently drift back to the life you once had.


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